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GoFlex® Home Network Storage System

GoFlex® Home Network Storage System

I’m looking to buy this system and it really looks like the one for me.  From my research and experience with Seagate products I think this is going to be a winner.

Go Flex Home is what we refer too as a NAS (Network Attached Storage).  Simply put it is a hard drive or system hooked up to your home network without a computer.  These devices use their own network card and use their own OS to establish and maintain a connection you your network.  This allows other computers to store files or share them across a network without the bother of a large computer that needs more accessories to maintain it.

The version I want is the 2 terabyte GoFlex Home NAS.  I have been using Seagate hard drives for personal and professional applications for a few years now and found that they are very reliable, not perfect but I trust Seagate more then most other consumer available brands.

Most of the specifications to the GoFlex Home can be found on the box or on the Seagate website.  It can be used as a backup device, remote access and for file sharing.  But some the better features you have to kind of look up. Two great features are print server and media center.  It is so convenient to have a central location for your printer without the hassle of needing a computer attached to it use it.  Most people either have to share a printer by disconnecting one computer from the printer and then re connect it to the next or get a elaborate system of cables and switches to share one printer.   More advanced users have one computer turned on 24/7 and share the printer over the network.  The draw back is the computer is turned on a lot longer then what most people would like.  The media center is my favorite.  Currently I use my XBox360 to connect to my computers media center and stream my saved videos to my TV.  I love it but the draw back like the print server is that my computer has to be on all the time for my to enjoy it any time I want.  This feature would relieve my computer of streaming duties and cut down on the wear and tear on my laptop.

I hope you found my info about the GoFlex Home Network Storage system.  I would also recommend you take a look at Costco if you are thinking of buying one.  The two terabyte version is on sale right now for $129.99.  I trust that this price will change the closer we get to Christmas.