My name is Richard Barrios I am the Owner and President of Mad Rhino Consulting.

I am a 14 year veteran of the Internet Industry and have been developing and maintaining websites since 2001.  I started Mad Rhino Consulting because I found that small business needed a inexpensive way to get the needed information in there hands faster then they could discover it themselves.  I found that trial and error sometimes can drain the budget of a small business faster then anyone could ever imagine.  My experience minimizes the error and brings more solutions then trials.

I have focused most of my career in project management, disaster planning, disaster recovery, Search Engine Optimization and bringing viable solutions to any problem and almost any budget.  I prefer using open source solutions like WordPress and FreeBSD.  WordPress has been a excellent solution for SEO, design, layout and budget conscience clients.

With my early experience as a server and network administrator and later as a webmaster, affiliate manager and SEO Professional.  I have had the hands on experience to bring a website to the market place from domain purchase to launch.  I bring a deep understanding and experience of all Adobe suite products from CS3 to CS6, MS Office 2007 to Office 360, PHP, ajax, java script, css and WordPress themes.

I continue to have close ties with major billing companies and preferred treatment from high availability hosting companies.  I also have close relationships with high energy event managers, highly talented graphic designers and the best programmers available.

Recent websites: (SEO and Layout) (SEO and Layout) (SEO and layout) (SEO) (SEO) (SEO and Layout)